YudanshaKobujitsu Karate Doh Federation (India) i.e. Y.K.K.F. (INDIA) has been established in the year Oct. 1997 and has trained thousands of students in Traditional Okinawa GojuRyu Karate. Y.K.K.F. (India) teaches three different aspects of martial arts namely physical , intellectual and mental. Along with the physical training we also teach history of GojuRyu Karate, awareness of other martial arts and Japanese terminology.


Y.K.K.F.(India) is affiliated to KARATE ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (KAI)the only National Body for Karate Sport in India, which is a member of World Karate Federation (WKF) / Asian Karate Do Federation (AKF) / South Asian Karate Do Federation (SAKF)& Common Wealth Karate Federation (CWKF).


Martial Arts classes are being conducted at more than 20 centres in Mumbai (Dadar-E, Matunga, Wadala, Parel, Princess Street, Colaba, Pali Hill, Khar, Santacruz&Andheri.Karate classes are also conducted at Khandala, Lonavala, Pune, Jalna& Goa.


Every year two camps are conducted at different places throughout India where the students are imparted rigorous training in Traditional Okinawan GojuRyuKarate , Judo & Jujitsu , Weapon Training and theoretical knowledge about martial arts. This training teaches the children to concentrate and achieve goals , discipline , self respect , respect for others and develops their self confidence , which are the natural benefits of karate do discipline. It also directs the extra energy of hyper active children in a constructive way and raises the energy level of lethargic youngsters. Character building is a major part of the training and is of great value to the children and adults. It is our goal here at all the dojos to help students better their health and enhance their overall self-development (concentration , confidence , self-control and self-discipline) through physical training and mental discipline using traditional martial





In the year Oct. 1997 ,  Sensei Jehangir Shroff got affiliated to YudanshaKobujitsu Karate Doh Federation (International) under the guidance of Ron Yamanaka – 9th Dan MenkyoKaidenSaikoShihan – Founder of Y.K.K.F. (International) , which is having affiliations with more than 25 countries in the world . Sensei Shroff was graded Godan (5th Dan Black Belt) in Canada and was made the Indian President for Y.K.K.F.(International) by Shihan Ron M. Yamanaka.


In the year 1998 , Sensei Jehangir Shroff , also started JUDO / JUJITSU under the guidance of Sensei ManoharBangera – 7th Dan Black Belt & Sensei YatishBangera – 7th Dan Black Belt , Directors of Bombay Judo Club.


In the year 2001, Sensei Shroff participated at the Y.K.K.F. International Symposium conducted at Korseal, Belgium under Shihan Joseph Henkens (YKKKF Belgium President).


Training was imparted to Orphan girls of the Bombay Vigilance Association “Balikashram” ,Dadar – CR, free of cost.


A landmark in the history of the organization was the Martial Arts Training Programme organized in Mumbai from Feb. 28 to March 1 , 2004 where Shihan Giovanni Di Meglio – 7th Dan Black Belt – YKKF World President &Sensei Diego Gruer – 3rd Dan Black Belt – Technical Director YKKF (Italy) , conducted the training programme , which was a resounding success. ShriPratapraoDighavkar , DCP –Zone IV was the Chief Guest.


In the year 2005, Sensei Shroff participated at the Y.K.K.F. International Symposium conducted at Hatfield, England under Shihan Barry Mitchell (YKKF UK President).


Electrolux Femme Force Self-defenceProgramme for Ladies was conducted for 4 days at RustomBaug, Byculla from June 2 to June 5, 2005 were more than 70 girls / ladies participated in this training programme.


Self-defenceProgramme for Ladies was also conducted at CusrowBaug, Colaba on June 18 , 19 , 25 & 26, 2005 under the banner Y.K.K.F.(India).


It is our honour to state that  YKKF (India) under the guidance of Sensei Jehangir Shroff had organised a Martial Arts Training Programme, the only first and one of its kind in India where International Masters of highest rank and repute had imparted training in KARATE, JUJUTSU, AIKI JUJITSU, SHAOLIN KUNG FU & KOBUDO wherein all the 22 affiliated countries in the world had participated in this event, which was held at The Residence, Hotel & Convention Centre, Powai, Mumbai from Feb.3 to 5, 2006. More than 10 International Masters along with their 50 students plus 500 Indian students had participated in this symposium.


Karate training also imparted to the Army personnels and their children of Signal Company at the Army Headquarters, Navy Nagar, Mumbai.


Training Programme was also conducted to create awareness regarding physical fitness and self-defence for the staff of Big Buzz 92.7 FM ,Malad and Intel Technology India Pvt.Ltd., BandraKurla Complex, Bandra (E) in the month of Sept. & Oct, 2007.


Martial Arts demonstration given to the Thane Police Force on Feb. 26, 2008 for teaching Martial Arts to the Thane Police Force.


In the year 2008 (Oct. 19 to 30), Sensei Shroff participated at the Y.K.K.F. (UchiDeshiKeko) conducted at Udine, Italy with his students FarhadTengra, Rohaan Shroff & Tina Tengra.


Karate Training given to the ladies of FORSHE (exclusive ladies taxi service) from June 2009.


Sensei Jehangir Shroff also participated at the Okinawa Traditional Karate &Kobudo World Tournament in Okinawa, Japan in the month of August 2009. He also had the opportunity to train in the JUNDOKAN Dojo, Naha City, Okinawa, one of the world prestigious Okinawa GojuRyu Dojo under Sensei Eiichi Miyazato. Training was imparted by Kinjo Sensei (8th Dan Black Belt) &Taira Sensei (8th Dan Black Belt).


Martial Arts Training Programme organized in Mumbai (Oct. 2009) where Shihan Giovanni Di Meglio– 7th Dan Black Belt – YKKF World President &Sensei JitenKundalia , conducted the training programme , which was a resounding success.  Sensei Shroff was graded Rokudan (6th Dan Black Belt) & also given the title of “Shihan” by Y.K.K.F. World President – Shihan Giovanni Di Meglio at the Y.K.K.F. India Symposium in Mumbai (October 25, 2009).


Karate, Fitness & Self-defenceProgramme was conducted for Students, Teachers & Parents at Green Meadows School, Goasince the year 2015.


Sensei Jehangir Shroff along with his students participated at4thWorld GojuRyu Karate Federation Championship at Bucharest, Romania from Sept. 13 to 17, 2017.


Presently  YKKF (India) is having more than 25  Institutions / Schools in Mumbai, Khandala, Lonavala, Pune, Goa &Jalna imparting training in Karate, Fitness & Self-Defence. YKKF(India) students are provided with maximum exposure for participating at the Inter School / Inter College , District , State , National & International level competitions and have won innumerable laurels in the same.