Y.K.K.F. stands for YUDANSHA KOBUJITSU KARATE – DOH FEDERATION (Black belt ancient martial arts empty handed ways).Y.K.K.F. is a fraternal organization of many arts and styles recognizing the intrinsic worth andvalue of every system. Martial arts are founded upon universal principles of MOVEMENT ,MORALITY ETIQUETTE.It is in the spirit of Budo (Martial ways) that all schools of Y.K.K.F. work in harmony with eachother for their mutual advancement and the discovery of the meaning and the ultimatepurpose of budo. RESPECT, HONOUR & FRATERNITY are the values that shares the members of Y.K.K.F


The Y.K.K.F. was founded in 1978 by RON MICHIO YAMANAKA(FOUNDER OF Y.K.K.F. – INTERNATIONAL) 9th Degree Black Belt – Shaolin ChuanFa , 8th Degree Black Belt Aiki Jujutsu ,8th Degree Black Belt Okinawan GojuRyu (Jundokan) , MenkyoKaidenShindoRyu Jujutsu & Canadian Chief Instructor (Shibucho) of Okinawan GojuRyuJundokanand it can count thousands ofmembers in many countries, in particular :Antigua , Armenia , Belgium , Bulgaria , Canada , Cuba , Dominican Rep. , France , Hungary, India , Israel , Italy , Jamaica , Portugal , Russia , Singapore , Switzerland Ukraine , United Kingdom & USA.


The Y.K.K.F. WORLD PRESIDENT is GIOVANNI DI MEGLIO SHIHAN ,7th DAN KYOSHI, Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate-Do & Ju-jitsu, RON YAMANAKAS direct student. He has beenliving in the world of martial arts for 45 years teaching and learning in many dojos all over theworld.


SENSEI JEHANGIR SHROFF, 6th DAN BLACK BELT is the President & Chief Instructor for Y.K.K.F.(INDIA) and is the only Indian Representative for Y.K.K.F.(INTERNATIONAL)training & teaching in the field of Martial Arts since last 39 years.



See the world and learn new cultures , the Y.K.K.F. has members in more than 22countries. We organize a symposium in a different country each year. You can train in any ofthe countries affiliated dojos.

You can access to the most respected martial arts instructors in the world.

You learn the traditions and the meanings behind martial arts.

The ranks that you earn in the YKKF approved dojos are recognized worldwide.

You are a part of an organization that applies high ethical standards.

You are a part of the worldwide movement to unify martial arts.